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Evolution is committed to attaining an outstanding level of environmental performance in all of its workplaces.

Evolution has an Environment and Sustainability Policy that we expect our people and contractors to adhere to.

Our Environmental Protocols consist of 11 standards of best practice management in key business risk areas. All of our sites and workplaces are required to meet the protocol requirements, which are audited on a regular basis. The standards are:

  • Air Quality
  • Biodiversity Management
  • Chemical Management
  • Cyanide Management
  • Water Management
  • Hydrocarbon Management
  • Waste rock Management
  • Rehabilitation and closure Management
  • Tailing Management
  • Waste Management
  • Energy efficiency

We believe we have an obligation to not only achieve legislative compliance but to strive for best practice and to meet the expectations of the communities we operate within and are part of. Implementing our Environmental Protocols holds us to a higher standard of environmental performance and creates a clear and open community accountability framework.

We are focused on enhancing environmental stewardship through the development and implementation of Evolution Environmental Protocols and Life of Mine Environmental Management Plans across all project sites.

Each year we comply with the Commonwealth National Pollution Inventory and National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER). This includes creating and submitting annual reports under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act to estimate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use.

  • All methods used to estimate GHG emissions and energy were drawn from the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008, as amended for the relevant financial year
  • All results shown are based on Evolution’s own estimates, and may differ slightly from results published by the Clean Energy Regulator due to differences in rounding

NGER – FY17 summary

SiteScope 1
(t CO2-e)
Scope 2
(t CO2-e)

Energy Use
Cowal 46,247208,9751,564,887
Edna May30,76441,348663,866
Mt Carlton10,00525,982265,067
Mt Rawdon41,57667,127913,032
Mungari 31,69551,672719,269
Other *-123587

* Note – Other sources (Wirralie and Blue Funnel) based on preliminary data and may be adjusted

An historic overview of our NGER data can be reviewed by clicking here.

At our Cowal operation, we have received ISO14001 certification for Mining and Ore Processing Operations and Support Services for Gold and Silver production.