Tailings Storage Facilities Governance Committee Charter

The Board, via the Risk and Sustainability Committee has delegated responsibility to the Leadership Team to establish a Committee to be known as the Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) Governance Committee (Committee).


The role of the Committee is to support the Leadership Team and Board Risk and Sustainability Committee to identify and monitor all material risks associated with tailings management arising from the Company’s activities.
The primary accountability of the Committee is to provide governance oversight on the Company’s Policies, Standards, and associated practices with respect to TSF management.
The primary responsibility of the Committee is to review the Company’s risk management controls, assurance processes and findings and to recommend amendments to Policies, Standards protocols and practices with respect to TSF management. It is not the responsibility of the Committee to plan or conduct any TSF risk management activities.
Key findings are to be communicated to the Leadership Team and the Board via the Risk and Sustainability Committee.
It is the responsibility of the Committee to maintain free and open communication with executive management, as appropriate.


The Committee will comprise of at least 2 members of the Leadership Team with the Chief Operating Officer as a permanent member. As such, the Committee will comprise of the following members:

  • A member of the Leadership team appointed by the Executive Chairman as Chair of the Committee
  •  Chief Operating Officer
  •  General Manager – T&E
  •  Vice President – Sustainability

The Group Manager Environment, the Group Manager Processing and the T&E TSF Technical Lead are invited to attend and present to the Committee at its discretion.
The Committee may seek the counsel of an expert at any time and may do so in accordance with clause 6 of this Charter.


The Committee should meet at least four times a year, however, additional meetings may be requested by any Committee Member.
A quorum for a Committee meeting is when at least 3 members are present.
Minutes of all meetings of the Committee are to be kept by the secretary nominated by the Chair for each meeting.
Members of the Leadership Team, functional leaders or technical personnel may be requested by the Chair of the Committee to provide required reports and presentations to the Committee and attend Committee meetings as requested.


4.1 Tailings storage management

The Committee will use all reasonable endeavours in:

  • Reviewing the processes in place which are designed so that there is compliance with all TSF related legal and regulatory requirements and the TSF Governance Framework approved by the Risk and Sustainability Committee;
  • Verify the TSF material risks have been identified and assurance programmes are in place with actions being closed within agreed timeframes;
  • Monitoring the adequacy of TSF related environment reporting systems for actual or potential breaches or incidents: and
  • Monitoring subsequent investigations and remedial actions.

4.2 Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Without limiting its scope, the Committee will, in conjunction with the Leadership Team, use all reasonable endeavours so that the Company complies with:

  • All relevant statutory and regulatory obligations; and
  • All environmental licenses and permits relating to TSF.

5. reporting

  • The Committee is to report on its meetings to the Leadership Team and will provide the minutes of the Meeting to the Risk and Sustainability Committee for information.
  • All significant recommendations of the Committee are to be referred to the Leadership Team for approval.
  • The Committee is to review all material (L4 & L5 on risk matrix) TSF issues or incidents as notified or otherwise advised by management at its next meeting and report on its findings and recommendations.
  • The Chair supported by the Vice President of Sustainability will provide an annual assurance statement to the Risk and Sustainability Committee on the combined status of all controls in place for the management of each TSF across the Company.


The Committee has the authority to seek any information it requires from any Group employee and all employees must comply with such requests.


To determine whether it is functioning effectively, the Committee shall:

  • Review this Charter annually; and
  • Undertake an evaluation of its performance at intervals considered appropriate by the Risk and Sustainability Committee.
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