Strategic Planning Policy


The objective of our strategic planning efforts is to deliver long-term stakeholder value through clear accountability, progressing from long-term strategic to short-term tactical aspects in a logical cycle.


The requirements of this company-wide policy and its supporting Business Planning Standards applies to all directors, employees, business partners and their subsidiaries.


Strategic Planning is embedded in our decision making at all levels of the organisation through the Process
Evolution Mining will achieve the objectives of this Strategic Planning Policy by ensuring we:

  • Clearly define how we undertake Risk based decision making to mitigate threats and exploit
    opportunities that have potential to create value for the business and our stakeholders
  • Enable creative and innovative thinking in our business planning process by devolving accountability to
    those at the source of Risk
  • Establish the requirements for how we will manage Crisis and emergency related events to minimise
    business interruption and loss of value to our stakeholders
  • Develop and enhance a strong culture of incident reporting and follow-up investigation on unplanned events and incidents for the purpose of continuously learning and improving our performance
  • Build a strong culture of operational excellence through setting the strategic direction and goals for the business that drive value creation at all of our Assets and Projects
  • Provide clear accountability and understanding in developing and reporting of the Mineral Resources
    and Ore Reserves within Evolution Mining’s Assets
  • Foster an agile and robust Project planning process that maximises value to the business
  • Are transparent at all levels of corporate governance and comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Foster an innovative and collaborative culture relentlessly driving operational excellence


Strategic Planning Policy


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Issued:                                               20/12/2019

Review Date:                          01/01/2022

Owner:                                      Bob Fulker – COO

Approver:                                Jake Klein – Executive Chairman

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