Climate Risk Position Statement

We acknowledge that climate related risk has the potential to impact our business and communities.

We are committed to understanding and proactively managing the impact of climate related risks to our business and our environment. This includes integrating financial, physical, regulatory, reputational, market, and climate related risks, as well as energy considerations, into our Life of Mine strategic planning and decision making.

We will work to build the climate related risk resilience of our assets, our communities and our environment.

We will implement sound risk management practices across all areas and activities in our business and apply Board level governance.

Our Sustainability Principles include improving the disclosure of, and actively managing, climate related risks and opportunities, improving energy efficiency and the responsible management of water usage. Climate related risks have been identified as key risks on the Evolution Mining Risk Register which are regularly reviewed and monitored by the Risk and Sustainability Committee.

We will transparently report emissions and energy consumption performance and disclose material climate related risks. The Company has completed a process to identify and assess climate-related impacts to our business. The Company’s ongoing climate risk mitigation (or management) strategy will focus on improving resource efficiency, the responsible management and usage of water and the management of extreme weather and health events.

Climate Risk Position Statement


Version Control:                   1.0

Issued:                                               26/06/2020

Review Date:                          20/06/2022

Owner:                                      Fiona Murfitt – Vice President Sustainability

Approver:                                Jake Klein – Executive Chairman

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