Evolution is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace and target an injury free work environment for all personnel.

Evolution is committed to high standards of safety leadership for employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate. Mining activities by their nature have the potential to impact the safety of people and all risks must be identified, evaluated and managed to mitigate all identified actual and potential adverse impacts so far as reasonably practical.
Our safety target is to achieve an injury and occupational disease-free workplace by ensuring hazards are identified and managed at the source, all safety incidents are thoroughly investigated, learnings shared, and corrective actions implemented.
The Safety Performance Standards support Evolution’s Sustainability Policy by prescribing the minimum requirements for managing the risks associated with specific activities or tasks that have the potential to adversely affect the safety of employees, business partners and communities affected by business operations.

In FY19 the total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) was 8.31, above our target of 4.95. This is an increase from 5.49 in FY18 and against our trend of year on year improvement.
We acknowledge this decline in our safety performance and all sites have refocused their efforts on embedding behavioural safety initiates to drive improvements. We believe that every injury is preventable and that no task is so important that it cannot be done safely.
In FY19 two external critical control risk assurance audits were conducted at each site with results presented to the leadership team. At the end of the financial year all sites achieved a satisfactory rating. All priority one critical control audit actions were closed by their due date.

FY19 safety achievements

  • 95 daily safety interactions 
  • 486 daily Take 5 pre-start safety checks
  • Hosted our fifth Evolution Mine Rescue Challenge at Cracow involving the community and state emergency agencies
  • Revision of our Health and Safety Performance Standards
  • Facilitated Crisis Management and emergency exercises at site and in our group office
  • First place award for Mungari team who won the breathing apparatus skills event at the Chamber of Minerals and Energy Underground Mine Rescue competition

FY20 focus

In FY20 we will continue with existing programs and
commence new initiatives that will help drive our strategy
and the achievement of our key goals. These will include:

  • Total Recordable Injury Frequency less than 5.5
  • All risk register actrions completion for top five risks for each site

We live by our
Safety Principles

  • Management takes accountability for safety performance
  • Everyone is empowered to stop “at risk” behaviour and control unsafe conditions
  • Everyone takes accountability for his/her own safety and for the safety of those around them
  • All injuries and incidents are preventable
  • No task is so important that it cannot be done safely

Emergency Response

We believe in always using our resources to support our communities through significant
incidents or threatening situations

Evolution continues to build mine rescue skills, capability and resources across the Group. We have five Emergency Response Teams (ERT) with a total of 132 members. Our teams have played an important role in supporting our operations and nearby communities.
Our Crisis Management Plan outlines the roles, responsibilities and processes our corporate crisis management team would follow in the event of a crisis. Each of our sites have Emergency ResponsePlans that outline the response to be initiated in the event of an onsite emergency.

Over the last 12 months, our ERT personnel were first responders to 14 offsite emergency incidents that occurred within our local communities. These incidents included motor vehicle accidents, fires, farm incidents and medical emergencies. Evolution also provided a team to assist with flood recovery in Townsville in February 2019.
A Memorandum of Understanding between Evolution and the New South Wales State Emergency Service (SES) is in place which has assisted with flood rescue operations in the Sydney CBD and storms and flash flooding in Cootamundra.
Our teams attended the Victorian Mine Rescue Competition and W.A. Chamber of Minerals and Energy Underground Mine Rescue competition, placing first in the breathing apparatus skills event. We held our fifth Group Mine Rescue Challenge at Cracow in Queensland.

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