University of Queensland AIBN Research

Evolution are proud to be supporting The University of Queensland’s Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology to progress their research into using gold nanoparticles to test for cancer, enabling potential early diagnosis of cancer.  Initial results show the technology could lead to more effective, personalised cancer therapy, which in turn could significantly reduce mortality rates.  In this video, Professor Matt Trau and his team explain how they discovered a highly unique DNA nano-structure that appears to be a universal trace marker for cancer in blood and tissue samples. The lab then developed several simple methods to detect this cancerous DNA nano-signature using either gold nanoparticles or gold electrodes. This new diagnostic technology is able to detect a wide range of different cancer types with high specificity and sensitivity. This partnership demonstrates the relevance of gold now and in the future: this research will potentially open up a diversity of new gold-based products in medical diagnostics, beyond just cancer diagnosis.  This video highlights the potential for three Australian organisations – Evolution Mining, ABC Refinery and The University of Queensland – to continue to explore future partnership opportunities that will enable the AIBN research team to build on the great work they are doing in the lab.   

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