Shareholder Communication Policy

Evolution Mining Limited (“Evolution Mining” or the “Company”) is committed (subject to commercial and confidentiality constraints) to providing transparent, timely and accurate communications with all shareholders and encouraging their participation at general meetings.

Evolution Mining is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) and must comply with the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules (“Listing Rules”). The issue of continuous disclosure is dealt with in a separate policy.

In accordance with the disclosure requirements of the Corporations Act and the Listing Rules, the Company adopts three main forms of information disclosure:

1) Continuous Disclosure – which is its primary disclosure obligation and method of informing the market and shareholders;
2) Periodic Disclosure – in the form of full-year and half-year reporting and the quarterly reporting of exploration, production and development information together with corporate activities; and 
3) Specific Information Disclosure – administrative and corporate details, usually in the form of ASX releases, as and when required.

The Directors are committed to the promotion of investor confidence by ensuring that trade in the Company’s securities takes place in an efficient, competitive and informed market. 

The Company will immediately notify the market by announcing to the ASX, any information in relation to the  business of the Company that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on, or lead to a substantial movement in, the price or value of the Company’s securities.

Further, all information made available to the ASX will immediately be made available to shareholders and the broader market on the Company’s website. The Company’s website is

The Board aims to ensure that shareholders are kept informed of all major developments affecting the Company. Hence, in addition to its market disclosure, shareholders will be kept informed of the Company’s activities through a variety of other means including:

1) Website – shareholders can access information about the Company, including the annual report, half yearly and quarterly reports, key policies and other important information through the website at
2) Email – information is also released by email to all persons who have requested their name to be added to the contact database. Any person wishing to be added to this database can do so by contacting the Company.
3) Annual General Meeting – the principal communication with private investors is through the provision of the annual report (including audited financial statements) and via the Annual General Meeting.
4) Biennial Investor Day – the Company hosts an Investor Day every second year in which senior management present an overview of corporate strategy, financials, discovery, operating assets and business development. This event is attended by institutional investors and is made available to all shareholders via a live webcast.

The Company encourages the participation of shareholders at general meetings and provides opportunities for shareholders to communicate effectively with the Company outside of general meetings.

Shareholder enquiries can be made directly with the Company via email ( or telephone (+61 2 9696 2900).

Shareholder Communication Policy


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