Health and Safety Policy


This policy defines Evolution Mining (“Company”) commitment to providing a healthy and safe workplace whilst striving to achieve an injury free work environment for all personnel.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Evolution employees and contractors (“Employees”).

Evolution’s Executive Chairman has the overall responsibility for ensuring processes are in place to provide a healthy and safety workplace across the company.

All Company Employees are required to act in accordance with company policies and procedures.

3. policy


We will strive to enable all work activities related to its operations to be carried out safely and with all reasonable measures taken to remove or reduce risks to the health, safety and welfare of Personnel, plant and equipment. Evolution’s health, safety and environment (HSE) Management System supports legislative compliance requirements; including the Health and Safety Regulations across all business activities and operations.


Our Safety and Health culture will be formed on the basis of:

    • Commitment by management to this Policy, with supportive funding
    • A belief that all accidents are preventable and all industrial health hazards are controllable with foresight, relevant training, purposeful attitude and appropriate equipment
    • Accountability of management with the support of all Personnel to ensure that the workplace and practices comply with statutory license requirements and robust industry practice as a minimum standard
    • Promote and support the wellness of our people


We will recognise, understand and accept individual responsibility for our Duty of Care to ourselves and to each other and to:

      • Comply with safe work practices, Fitness for Work and other Procedures, with the intent of avoiding injury, and damage to plant and equipment
      • Take reasonable care of our own, and others, health and safety
      • Wear personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary
      • Comply with any reasonable direction given by management in relation to health and safety
      • Not misuse or interfere with anything provided in the interest of health and safety
      • Report all accidents, incidents and injuries and any known or observed hazards in the workplace immediately to a Supervisor or Manager


We will monitor, audit and review operational HSE compliance to ensure continual HSE performance and industry ‘best practice’.

4. related policies and guidelines

The Company has developed supporting documenting and material which must be read in conjunction with this policy.

EVN-MN-HSE-003                          Principal Hazard Control Manual

EVN-STD-HSE0000 to 0013          Evolution Standards

EVN-PRO-HSE001 to 014               Evolution OHS Procedures

5. approvals

Health and Safety Policy


Version Control:                   2.0

Issued:                                     30/10/2017          

Review Date:                          31/10/2019

Owner:                                      Simon Delander – HSE and Risk

Approver:                                Jake Klein – Executive Chairman

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