Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Diversity and inclusion at Evolution Mining Limited (“Evolution Mining” or “Company”) is about commitment to equality and the treatment of all individuals with respect.

Evolution Mining is dedicated to growing an inclusive and diverse workforce, aligned with the company’s values of safety, excellence, accountability and respect, where every employee is treated fairly, feels respected and where they are able to contribute to business success and realise their full potential. Diversity at Evolution Mining refers to all characteristics that make individuals different from each other. It includes characteristics such as age, caring responsibilities, religious beliefs, cultural diversity, nationality, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, socio-economic background, perspectives and experience, or any other area of potential difference. Inclusion refers to our diverse range of people feeling welcomed, respected and valued to fully participate, have access to opportunities and resources, and be able to contribute their perspectives and talents to improve the organisation.


This policy applies to all Evolution Mining employees, including directors, officers, contractors and consultants (Employees) acting on the company’s behalf and includes the recruitment and selection process at all levels, terms and conditions of employment, including pay and remuneration, talent identification, promotion, work assignment, training and development and any other aspect of employment.


It is the responsibility of all Employees to understand and comply with the Company’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy, incorporating it into their daily work practices and report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Managers are responsible for understanding their role in promoting diversity and inclusion, communicating and implementing policies, standards and procedures effectively and working with staff to integrate the values of diversity into employment practices.


When valuing and managing diversity, Evolution will:

  • Attract and retain a skilled and diverse workforce that best represents the talent available in the communities in which our assets are located and our employees reside
  • Build and maintain a safe and inclusive work environment by acting against inappropriate workplace behaviour including discrimination, harassment, bullying, victimisation and vilification
  • Set measurable objectives for gender diversity which will be monitored and reviewed against the effectiveness of this policy and associated procedures
  • Build a workforce that is provided with opportunities to develop skills and experience for career advancement, learning and development
  • Ensure that succession and talent management processes provide the necessary learning and development opportunities to develop a broader and more diverse pool of skilled and experienced employees, that over time, will be considered for advancement to more senior roles, including the Leadership Team and the Board
  • Ensure appropriate selection criteria based on diverse skills, experience and perspectives is used when hiring internal and external staff, including Board members. Recruitment practices at all levels including job specifications, advertisements, application forms and contracts will guard against conscious or unconscious biases that might discriminate against certain candidates
  • Ensure that applicants and employees of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for, and have fair opportunity to be considered for, all available roles
  • Ensure that our standards and procedures support flexible work practices to meet the differing needs of all employees
  • Comply with equal opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation

Diversity and Inclusion Policy


Version Control:                    1.0

Issued:                                      01/10/2019      

Review Date:                          01/10/2021

Owner:                                      Paul Eagle – People and Culture

Approver:                                Jake Klein – Executive Chairman

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