Tailings Storage Facility Governance Policy


This policy defines the governance and protocols to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure of tailings storage facilities (“TSF”) for Evolution Mining’s (“Company”) business.


2.1. This policy applies to all Evolution employees and contractors (“Employees”) involved in the design, construction, operation, amendment, monitoring and closure of tailings storage facilities.

2.2. Evolution’s Executive Chairman has the overall responsibility for ensuring processes are in place to minimise the risk of catastrophic failure of tailings storage facilities across the company.

2.3. The Executive Chairman has delegated the responsibility for the execution of Tailings storage facility assurance programs to the Chief Operating Officer.

2.4. All Company Employees are required to act in accordance with company policies and procedures.


3.1. Employee’s must ensure that all TSFs on Company sites are operated in accordance with the site TSF operating manuals and procedures, permits to operate conditions, ANCOLD guidelines and Corporate Environmental Protocol 9 – Tailings Management.

3.2. Employee’s must ensure that all duties, responsibilities and accountabilities outlined in the TSF responsibility matrix are duly executed and documented.

3.3. To reduce risk of catastrophic failure each site across the Company will be subject to periodic TSF design and operational review at regular intervals (minimum annually).

3.4. Periodic TSF reviews will as a minimum align with the Evolution Tailing Governance framework covering the following elements of TSF design, construction and operational management:

  • Accountability, responsibility and competency
  • Design, planning and resourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Management of change and cumulative impact assessment
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Review and assurance

3.5. Periodic TSF reviews will be reviewed at regular intervals and not exceeding annually by the TSF Governance Committee chaired by a member of the Leadership Team as appointed by the Chairman. The periodic reviews will be conducted using internal and external subject matter specialists.

3.5.1. The TSF governance committee will as minimum include the following roles as standing members:

    • A member of the Leadership team appointed by the Executive Chairman
    • General Manager – TSG
    • General Manager – HSE
    • Group Manager – Environment and Sustainability
    • Group Manager – Geotechnical

3.5.2. The TSF governance committee chairperson may appoint additional members to the committee as appropriate.

3.6. The TSF Governance committee chairperson will provide an annual assurance statement to the Board Risk Committee on the combined status of all controls in place for the management of each TSF across the company

3.7. Any deviations to the requirements of Policy must be approved in writing by the Executive Chairman or someone delegated by him.


Failure to comply with the TSF Governance Policy and any associated Company policies may result in disciplinary action, and possible termination of employment.


The Company has developed supporting documenting and material which must be read in conjunction with this policy.

Supporting Material                                                                                               Document Number/Reference

EVN Group Environmental Protocol 9                                               EVN-PRO-HSE-009

EVN Group HSE Standard – Environment                                         EVN-STD-HSE-011

TSF Responsibility Matrix                                                                       EVN-PRO-HSE-009-RM

TSF Governance framework                                                                EVN-PRO-HSE-014

Australian Government Tailing Management Handbook        Australian Government – Dept of Industry (Sept 2016)

ANCOLD Guidelines on tailings dams; planning, design,           Australian National Committee on Large Dams – 
construction, operation and closure                                                ANCOLD (2012). www.ancold.org.au

ANCOLD Guidelines on dam safety management                      Australian National Committee on Large Dams –
                                                                                                                        ANCOLD (2003). www.ancold.org.au

ICMM – Preventing catastrophic failure of tailings                       ICMM-PS Tailing Governance (Dec 2016) 
storage facilities


Tailings Storage Facility Governance Policy


Version Control:                   1.0

Issued:                                               28/07/17

Review Date:                          28/07/19

Owner:                                      HSE & Risk

Approver:                                Executive Chairman

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