Social Media Policy


The purpose of this policy is to:
    a) protect the Company’s reputation in relation to social media usage
    b) ensure that all social media content referencing the Company is consistent and in line with the Company’s
    Confidentiality, Continuous Disclosure and Securities Trading policies
    c) establish clear guidelines for professional use of social media on behalf of the Company as well as
    personal use of social media when referencing the Company

This policy is for the mutual protection of the Company and its employees and is not intended to prevent, discourage or unduly limit employees’ expression of opinion or online activities.


This policy applies to:
    a) all Evolution Mining employees, contractors and service providers (“You”, “you” or “your”)
    b) any use of social media where you are identified, or could reasonably be identified as an employee of, or
    contractor or service provider to, the Company
    c) all forms of social media, inclusive of personal social media accounts and Company social media
    accounts, including but not limited to: social networking sites, instant messaging, Company and other
    professional networking tools, media sites hosting articles with comments, blogging sites, online forums and
    discussion boards, and photo and video sharing sites
    d) This policy does not apply to employees’ personal use of social media applications where there is no nexus
    or connection to the Company. For the purposes of this policy, a nexus or connection to the Company
    includes the Company’s activities, products and services, employees, competitors and/or other individuals or
    organisations related to the Company


You are personally responsible for the content you publish online and should be aware of the effect your actions may have or are likely to have on your reputation, the Company’s reputation or the reputation of its stakeholders. You should be mindful that posts may be read by people from a variety of backgrounds who may not share your opinion, perspective or communication style.

You must ensure you understand how to properly operate social media applications, including privacy settings. Claims of ignorance will not excuse any contraventions of this policy.

Any information posted or published on social media should be treated as publicly available information.


    a) Only authorised employees can post content on behalf of the Company, or respond to content on behalf
    of the Company, on social media. Company-related social media accounts are not to be created without the
    prior written authorisation from the Executive Chairman
    b) When using social media in reference to the Company, its employees or stakeholders, whether on personal
    social media accounts or Company social media accounts, you must adhere to the Company’s Values,
    Policies and Principles, including but not limited to the Confidentiality, Community Relations, Code of Conduct
    and the IT Acceptable Use Policies. You must not post material that is, or which may reasonably be perceived
    to be, inappropriate or harmful to the Company, its reputation, its employees or any of its stakeholders

    c) Some specific examples of prohibited social media conduct include, but are not limited to, posting
    commentary, content, or images that are unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, bullying, embarrassing,
    defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, discriminatory, personally insulting, profane (whether
    obfuscated by symbols or not), ethnic slurs or content that may create a hostile work environment or
    negatively affect the Company’s reputation or relationship with its stakeholders
    d) You must not publish, post or release any information that is considered confidential or not publicly
    available information. This includes information regarding the Company’s operations, business, clients,
    services, prices, financial position, security or activities. If you have questions about what is considered
    confidential, you should consult with the Company Secretary or VP Investor Relations
    e) When making comments on personal social media accounts that relate to the Company or to the type
    of activities the Company undertakes, you must make it clear that you are expressing your own personal
    views so that your comments are not perceived to be made on behalf of the Company. You must not use
    your Company email address or Company logo or insignia that may give a misleading impression of the
    Company’s endorsement or support of your personal comments
    f) You must not use social media to publicly complain about your employment, or any work related matter as
    the appropriate process for resolving such complaints is through discussions with your manager, or via the
    Company’s Workplace issue resolution process under the Fair Treatment Policy.
    g) You must ensure that information you present about the Company, its services and activities, are factually
    correct and accurate. If information is inaccurate, you must take action to ensure it is corrected
    h) You should not publish information that either identifies, or could be seen to identify, an individual who has
    a right to privacy
    i) You must request and obtain appropriate permission from the Company Secretary or VP Investor Relations
    before any reference is made to, or images are posted of, current or former employees, contractors, service
    providers or local community stakeholders. Additionally, appropriate permission must be obtained to use a
    third party’s copyright, copyrighted material, trademarks, service marks or other intellectual property
    j) You must immediately report any breaches of this policy to your People and Culture representative or your
    General Manager
    k) Subject to applicable law, any online activity, including afterhours online activity that breaches this Policy,
    the Company’s Code of Conduct or any other Company policy may subject you to disciplinary action, up to
    and including termination of employment. The Company may also direct you to remove any commentary,
    content or images posted that contravenes any Company policy



EVN-COR-POL-001     External Communications Policy
EVN-IT-POL-002 IT     Acceptable Use Policy
EVN-POL-HR-003       Code of Conduct Policy
EVN-POL-HR-025       Confidentiality Policy

Social Media Policy


Version Control:                   1.0

Issued:                                               14/10/2019

Review Date:                          14/10/2021

Owner:                                      Anika McManus – Community Relations

Approver:                                Jake Klein – Executive Chairman

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