The safety, health and well-being of our people is of paramount importance to us. We believe that every injury is preventable. Evolution is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace whilst striving to achieve an injury free work environment for all personnel.

We want our people to go home safely to their families and to move to a safety culture where people do the right thing for themselves and those around them because they believe in it, rather than because there is a rule in place.

We work collaboratively with our internal and external stakeholders to identify and manage risks in the workplace striving to apply innovative and sustainable solutions that continuously improve our practices.

We have developed a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) management system which our operations must comply with. Each year, every site is subject to audit to ensure compliance with these HSE standards.

In FY17 we improved our safety performance achieving further significant reductions in our total recordable injury frequency rate (from 9.70 to 7.96) and lost time injury frequency rate (1.8 to 0.4). We maintained our focus on safety education by continuing our Vehicle Incident Prevention Program (VIPP). This is an online, interactive, module training system (Alert Driver). We also continued our Beyond Zero program – a Leadership development course aimed at enhancing front-line leaders’ safety skills.

We developed and rolled out our Critical Control plans for the top five risks at each operational site and completed assurance reviews which achieved an overall compliance score of 97%. We have further seen a sustained reduction in our significant safety occurrence frequency rate during FY17 (5.90 to 4.95).
In FY18 we will continue with existing programs and commence new initiatives that will help drive our strategy and the achievement of our key goals. These will include:

  • Development and roll out of Critical Control plans for additional Safety risks
  • Progress each site along the Bradley Culture Curve
  • Targeting a 15% reduction in the Significant Safety Occurrence frequency rate

Evolution has a Safety and Health Policy which is a foundation of our safety management systems and processes.

Evolution has developed a comprehensive Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) management system which our operations must comply with; each year, every site is subject to audit to ensure compliance with these HSE standards which can be viewed by clicking here.

To support our value of “Safety – every job, every day” we operate under a set of Safety Principles

  • Management takes accountability for safety performance
  • Everyone is empowered to stop at risk behaviour and control unsafe conditions
  • Everyone takes accountability for his/her own safety and for the safety of those around them
  • All injuries and incidents are preventable
  • No task is so important that it cannot be done safely
  • Working safely is a condition of employment

Awards in FY17

  • Victorian Mine Rescue competition – combined Evolution team overall winner
  • NSW Mining HSE award winner for Project Arrive Alive – fatigue management project
  • Queensland Mining Health highly commended award for our Health and Wellbeing program
  • Chamber of Mines and Energy Surface Mine Rescue Western Australia – winners of team skills event (Mungari team)

Emergency preparedness

Since the beginning of the Evolution journey, we have sought to build mine rescue skills, capability and resources across the Group. We have six Emergency Response Teams (ERT) with a total of 120 members. Our teams have played an important role in supporting our operations and nearby communities. Over the last 12 months, we have deployed combined teams into western New South Wales to assist with major flood
relief work and into North Queensland to support recovery work post Cyclone Debbie.
Evolution attended the Victorian Mine Rescue Competition in FY17. Our team was outstanding and won the overall event. We have seen great
collaboration between our mine rescue crews. For example, our Queensland operations working together on specialised training which included search and rescue, chainsaw, swift water and responding to wildfire.
The Mungari gold operation team assisted Edna May prepare for their transition to an underground mine rescue team. Four of our operations also sent rescue operators to an emergency response conference in Queensland for skills maintenance and professional development.
We held our third Group Mine Rescue Challenge at Edna May, Western Australia. The goal of the challenge was for each team to develop substantially as a direct result of the challenge. Six teams participated in numerous exercises including theory, multi-casualty chemical incident, rope rescue, fire and functional fitness. There was also a group scenario involving community members and local emergency services
where everyone worked together.
The scenarios are designed to be realistic and challenging and simulate emergency situations that could occur in a mine. We endeavour to make the tasks as intense, challenging and real as possible. Whether it is noise, uncooperative patients, wet, darkness, inaccessible or hidden casualties, the demands are all very real and are completed under time constraints.
Evolution played a wider role in emergency preparedness for the mining industry by assisting with the development of the 2016 Level 1 State mine emergency exercise in Queensland and hosting the 2017 New South Wales Mine Rescue Challenge in West Wyalong.

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