Community Relations Policy


Evolution Mining seeks to work with our communities to achieve their future aspirations. As a member of the communities in which we operate, we strive to make a positive difference and to earn the trust of all with whom we interact.


This policy applies to all Evolution Mining Directors, Employees, and any Contractors, Consultants or other service providers who interact with community stakeholders whilst representing Evolution Mining (Evolution).



3.1.1. The way we behave is integral to building trusting relationships with our stakeholders. That is why we place as much emphasis on our behaviour as we do on our results.
3.1.2. Any person interacting with a community stakeholder whilst representing Evolution is required to conduct themselves in accordance with Evolution’s Values, Code of Conduct, Community procedures and other relevant policies.


3.2.1. Our approach to our stakeholders must at all times be guided by Evolution’s Community Principles:

    • Everyone has a role to play in building positive community relations
    • We consider our community impact with each decision that we make
    • We strive to ensure that every interaction with our community stakeholders is positive and aligned with our values
    • We communicate regularly with our stakeholders with integrity in an open, timely and transparent way
    • We work closely with our stakeholders, we share ideas and we actively seek opportunities to collaborate
    • We value the diversity of our stakeholders, respect their culture, backgrounds, and aspirations, and we strive to achieve outcomes of mutual benefit


3.3.1. Every person covered by this policy recognises, understands and accepts their individual responsibility to:

a) Comply with all applicable laws, internal policies and other commitments to our stakeholders to which we subscribe. For example, commitments relating to: safety, environment, cultural heritage, Native Title, land access (neighbouring properties), Indigenous land use, and use of community facilities

b) Avoid any behaviour that could harm Evolution’s reputation or relationship with our local communities

c) Respect the Aboriginal cultural heritage of the communities in which we operate and attend cultural heritage training where required

d) Consider the community impact with each decision that is made

e) Immediately record in QHSE any incidents they become aware of that have (or may have) a negative impact on the community

f) Support Evolution’s aim of sharing the economic benefit with our local communities by, where possible, maximising local procurement

g) Not make any significant commitments to community stakeholders on behalf of Evolution without prior approval from the site General Manager and the appropriate corporate Group Manager (External & Indigenous Relations or Landholder & Community Relations). Significant commitments include any commitments involving human resources, equipment or monetary payments from Evolution, an offer of employment or joint business initiatives


3.4.1. Evolution is committed to working with our communities to achieve their future aspirations, including:

(a) identifying opportunities for partnerships that create shared value, both for Evolution and for our community stakeholders

(b) investing in community development projects that will continue to benefit the community long beyond the life of the mine, including projects that deliver long term outcomes that are aimed at supporting our communities to be resilient, to thrive and to be sustainable for the long term

(c) sharing the economic benefit with our local communities where possible by maximising local procurement and local employment and training opportunities, particularly for our local Indigenous communities


Code of Conduct
External Communication Policy
Media Protocol Policy & Procedure

Community Relations Policy


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Issued:                                               16/08/2013

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