Aviation Policy


The policy defines the requirements and protocols to reduce the risk of utilising aircraft and aviation services for Evolution Mining’s (“Company”) business.


This policy applies to all Evolution employees and contractors (“Employees”) using any aviation services (charter and commercial aircraft) during the course of their employment or contract with Evolution Mining.

Evolution’s Executive Chairman has the overall responsibility for ensuring processes are in place to minimise the risk to employees using aviation services in the course of their employment.


The Executive Chairman has delegated the responsibility for the execution and maintenance of the Company’s approved aviation providers list to the General Manager – HSE & Risk.


All Company Employees are required to act in accordance with company policies and procedures.


3.1 All Aviation providers (charter and commercial providers) must be audited or reviewed prior to being approved for use by Company

3.2 Employees must ensure that they only utilise aviation services which are on the Company’s approved aviation providers which can be found on the Portal and which is updated from time to time.

3.3 Employees must not attempt to utilise aviation services which are not approved for use by In the event that an aviation provider is not listed on the approved list, employees must not attempt to utilise the services of that aviation provider and must contact the Group HSE team for assistance.

3.4 To reduce risk to the Company’s ongoing operations , flight arrangements must be made to ensure that no more than 50% of the Evolution Board or management teams (Executive or site SLT) travel on any one aircraft at the same

3.5 Employees must not ride in aircraft being used for load slinging or aerial survey work without the prior express written approval from the Executive Chairman.

3.6 Any deviations to the requirements of Aviation Policy must be approved in writing by the Executive Chairman or someone delegated by


The Company has developed supporting documenting and material which must be read in conjunction with this policy.

EVN-POL-FIN-00X         Travel Policy

EVN-STD-HSE-013         HSE Standard 13 – Aviation Risk

BAR Standard V6 -1      BARS – Basic Aviation Risk Standard (Industry Standard)

Audit Committee Charter


Version Control:                   2

Issued:                                               30/10/2017

Review Date:                          30/10/2019

Owner:                                      HSE and Risk

Approver:                                Executive Chairman

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